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I'm Chris - a fly angler, fly tyer, and digital influencer offering sponsored brand collaborations and educational workshops.

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Christopher Deen is an online educator, YouTuber, and Instagram geek based in Ontario, Canada. With the slick balance of a real world approach, and educational content, Chris has become a valued point-person for aspiring Influencers in the fly fishing community to learn from. Proven to be a sound source of empowerment and inspiration to those who want to grow their social presence.


Chris runs a successful software company for the condominium industry which currently earns $3M+ in revenue. His experience gained over the years has given him a competitive advantage in the digital marketing space!




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Sponsor an in-feed post, a story bundle, Instagram Reel, or a custom bundle, on Chris’ most engaged platform! Chris thrives when he has the freedom with his creativity and caption writing, that is where he shines brightest and what his audience craves the most.
Of course, Chris is open to realistic, achievable, custom plans based on YOUR needs as well 🙂


  • Although with a special niche in Fly Fishing, Chris has a talent for making anything outdoors related flow on his page


  • Photography & Videography becomes a second hobby when you're into fly fishing or other outdoor activities. Expect only top quality from Chris!


  • In the top 3 of Chris' code of ethics. Besides, non-authentic/posed/planned are not nearly as visually appealing.

Trip Highlights

Some of my proudest work from trips around the world.


Inspiration. Education. Positive Influence.

Dedicated to teaching and inspiring younger generations this wonderful world of fly fishing and passing the torch on protecting our valuable resources through conservation efforts – big or small. It does not matter where you are in the world, everyone should be dedicated to protecting their watersheds. Most of my demographics understand this, and it’s up to us to educate younger generations; and the only way to do this is via social media – more so than ever.



If we can inspire the younger generation first, then we can educate them. But it all starts with adapting and evolving in todays digital world first.

Chris has spent years crafting his art, and now his unique approach on Instagram has inspired ten’s of thousands!


Protecting our resources should be at the forefront; this is our responsibility. Let’s all work together to teach what this means to sustain this beautiful sport for future generations.

Chris says “we have a duty to educate our kids in order to protect & preserve our beautiful resources”


Having the opportunity to influence others is a blessing!
Through my trials and errors, I can help you grow and have a positive impact on our amazing fly fishing community.

My dreams and ambitions have led me here; in trying to do something I love.
Online Courses

In a world of over 4.62 billion social media accounts, does your account stand out?

I am currently curating an online course that can help any individual GROW on Instagram.
Obviously geared toward Fly Fishing & the Outdoor Lifestyle, but the tips I picked up can help anyone! You’ll get first hand knowledge through my trials and errors, how to grow, and grow fast to help you achieve your goals.


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Online Courses

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