Pale CDC Cripple

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Christopher Deen

The crippled fly makes for an easy feast for trout. For one reason or another they cannot break out from their shuck and leave the water, keeping them trapped on or in the surface. When fishing a cripple pattern, let the fly drift with zero drag because you have to remember, it’s helpless. They also often imitate a dead mayfly on the waters surface. How easy would it be for a trout to see a fly die on the water and slurp it up? Exactly!  During this specific period, it’s imperative you follow suit.  They’re larger, easy pickings, and less effort.  Cripples should have a special place in your box, and your heart.


HOOK: Size 14 dry fly hook
THREAD: Grey nano silk
TAIL: Coq de Leon
ABDOMEN: Pale morning sun dry dub
RIB: XS gold ultra wire
HACKLE: Olive grizzly
THORAX: Olive-brown or peacock Ice Dub


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